Stress and Menopause Workshop

Stress and Menopause Workshop


If we can understand the why then we can implement the how to manage and we all know the secret of living is giving so come and learn, help and share.

This is a great opportunity to invest in you and your mental wellness at our fully catered event in the beautiful location of Mottram Hall Hotel, Cheshire

What’s included in the day:


Welcome with coffee and pastries, introduction, housekeeping


Session 1 : Understanding stress starting with the KNOW model, breathing Exercise


Coffee/Tea break


Session 2 : Finish off KNOW model and end with STAMP OUT model, breathing exercise


Lunch : In the restaurant, Carrington Grill, located in the main hotel


Session 3 : Menopause – understanding and managing some of the 34 different symptoms we will provide a safe space to discuss this topic. As a 50 year old women starting with some of these symptoms I will be sharing my MANAGE model. We will  be doing another breathing exercise including some inspiration at the end of the session with the 10 Steps to start our day, week, month, year and decade! 


Finish : glass of fizz in the bar for anyone who want to  stay

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I can accept card payments or bank transfers and if required stage payments

Some lovely words from our clients

"Jacqueline delivered a stress awareness workshop to the team and it was greatly enjoyed.  There were a number of lightbulb moments as we recognised the symptoms of stress and a great exercise to identify the areas of our lives that might need attention.  The practical techniques that we practised were simple and easy to adopt and its great to look around and spot people doing the breathing exercises at points during the working day.  I am aware that some of the exercises have translated into people making practical changes in their lives and using the workshop as a spring board for positive change in the future.  We appreciated how were able to fully engage in the workshop, without having to share personal information or experiences.  Very much a worthwhile investment in yourself and your staff."

Financial Planning Business, Northwich

"Following on from our article last week regarding World Mental Health Day we had the fantastic Jacqueline Eyre, come in and deliver a Stress Management 'lunch and learn' workshop with the team this week. I can honestly say that the delivery and the feedback from all the team was exceptional - every single person got something out of the event and it was also a great reminder to us all that we never know what other people have going on in their worlds which may be causing them stress. And the ending reminder, that ultimately the responsibility for our own mental well being lies with no one other than ourselves is a very poignant one. Change starts with oneself, and you've got to want to!!  We can thoroughly recommend Jacqueline's services!"

Accountancy, Stockport

"I've recently worked with Jacqueline and her insights, help and support has been brilliant. I loved her enthusiasm, techniques and approach. I found her to be inspiring, motivating and reassuring as she absolutely knows her stuff. I would highly recommend Jacqueline and will be recommending her in future"

Elizabeth Pickering, Resilience Coach, Speaker, Mentor

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