Return to work Mental Health Awareness Programme

I am sure you have seen the HSE guidance which provides simple steps you can take to help manage the risks of coronavirus in your workplace whilst continuing to run your business:

(for more info see the full government guidlines)

In all sectors, there is guidance and a requirement to help and monitor mental health.

Therefore I have launched my Return to Work Mental Health Awareness Programme

  • The benefits for your company will be:-
  • Providing a staff benefit which will give support in a time of exceptional need
  • Improving productivity
  • Addressing any mental health issues for returning staff resulting in less sick days, (lost work days) and sick pay
  • Boosting staff morale in a time of uncertainty, where anxiety about returning to work will be high
  • Retention of staff, reducing cost of recruiting new staff

The programme has 3 levels as detailed below and can be delivered in person or on-line at a cost of £75 per employee.:-

Level 1

Conducting an initial mental health assessment questionnaire with a (socially distant) 1:1 interview giving staff time and space to explore any affects COVID-19 has had or is having on them.

Advice, tips and guidance to help staff monitor their own mental health and well-being, ensuring they can continue with high work performance. Each staff member will leave with an action plan that they can implement immediately.

Under this first level I am able to carry assessments and reviews for up to 6 staff (30 - 45 minutes) each in your offices (obviously respecting social distancing guidelines) per day.

Level 2

This second tier is for any staff who have been identified from Level 1, that require additional help and support. Please contact me directly for further information:

Level 3

Director Level/Managers/Team Leaders/ - please contact me directly for further information:

Some lovely words from our clients

I was the test and feedback and my feedback is that Jacqueline Eyre Stress/Loss Specialist, Speaker, Published Author is just what we all need and all employers can support their staff with this well thought out offering to ensure productivity is good and the employees can keep themselves well and improve their mental health, then have a happier more fulfilling life. Thank you Jacqui" Also, she is a very talented lady! Kate"

Kate Fox, Design, Brand and Marketing Strategy

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