Coping with Stress and Loss Workshop

Come and learn how to boost and recover your limbic system in your brain.

The limbic system sets our emotions, controls our appetites and sleep cycles and promotes bonding and regulates our libido. Everyone suffers loss at some point whether that is through health, losing a job or the loss of a relationship and we will all have to cope with bereavement at some point in our lives.

In our 'Coping with stress and loss workshop', we shall be looking at these two topics and provide practical coping mechanisms. I will help you understand the process of change with my bereavement blueprint and my 10 Steps to set you up for the day, week, month and year ahead.

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Some lovely words from our clients

"I recently attended one of Jacqueline’s workshops which covered managing stress. I found Jacqueline to be professional and knowledgeable, and also really approachable. Jacqueline showed us a number of ways to control stress levels, and I have benefitted from these greatly going forward. I had been a little apprehensive about attending but had a lovely, fun day and met some great people too. I highly recommend Jacqueline!"

Ann Hooper, Research Associates Ltd

"I attended Jacqueline's workshops to specifically help me address my personal anxieties around bereavement. I found Jacqueline's advice accessible and pragmatic. She is also very empathic and holistic in her style. Through both the one-to-one counselling session and the group workshop I felt like I started to tackle my issues around anxiety and death. I identified actions to help me understand some of my past and also to help me feel more prepared for the inevitable future; actions I have since taken forward. As a result I do feel less anxious and more equipped; I also know I have Jacqueline there for support when I need her."

Rebecca Stevens, Business Psychologist

"I attended Jackie's stress and loss workshop and it was amazing. Jackie is professional and understanding. She explained things very well and I feel like I can tell Jackie everything. Thanks for sorting my head out Jackie and I'll highly recommend Xx"

Karen Lee, Cheshire Mortgage Group

“I have been on a stress management and bereavement/loss workshop ran by Jacqueline today. I was nervous about what to expect and whether I should be spending money on something that you can research online and through self help books. next time I will not hesitate in investing in my mental health and I will be using Eyre Therapy. Despite the topics, the workshop was very relaxed. It was educational, informative, entertaining and inspiring. I'm so grateful that this workshop was at the beginning of the year. I feel like I can approach 2020 with positivity, good stress and work towards ridding the bad stress through self management. Thank you!!"

Vikky Wray

"I was the test and feedback and my feedback is that Jacqueline Eyre Stress/Loss Specialist, Speaker, Published Author is just what we all need and all employers can support their staff with this well thought out offering to ensure productivity is good and the employees can keep themselves well and improve their mental health, then have a happier more fulfilling life. Thank you Jacqui" Also, she is a very talented lady! Kate"

Kate Fox, Design, Brand and Marketing Strategy

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