A Year for Change

This book was borne out of the pandemic which hit our world in 2020.

All our lives were affected one way or another; we suffered a loss of control in our daily lives, which forced some drastic changes.

We are mindful of keeping our heart healthy with food and exercise and we brush to maintain our teeth so we do not get gum disease and rotten teeth.

The brain is just like any other organ in our body. We need to look after it and keep it healthy every single day.

It’s time to look past 2020 and change you for the better. This book is a guide to maintain your mind, body and soul.

It contains 52 practical tips for dealing with these emotional challenges, boosting positivity, providing hope and change.

Not only will it help you, but the purchase will help save lives by contributing to the Samaritans.

We are giving 25% of all sale profits to the charity to help maintain the service at this difficult time.

The volunteers keep this free mental health service open 24/7 and never close.

So what are you waiting for?

Give a gift of life and improve your own well-being.

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